Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where to Eat : Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumpur

Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumpur
Unit G00.3 Ground Floor , KL Plaza , 179 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : 03-244-6602


I just love this place. The food is great, the atmosphere is great, the location is great, the staffs are great and even their their plate mats are cute. What am I saying? Don't panic. I'll explain them one by one. Firstly, I've been to their Paris, London and Chicago sister restaurants but I must say that the Malaysian Planet Hollywood has the friendliest group of waiter/resses of them all. Bonus points to them!

Planet Hollywood Kuala Lumper is located at KL Plaza (near JW Marriott Hotel KL). I've always admired Planet Hollywood for their atmosphere. Like their other international sister joints, they have strategically placed 30-40 inch video projectors at nearly every corner and feature Hollywood actors in action such as Charlie Sheen, Arnold, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and others. So, you don't just go to Planet Hollywood to eat, you go there to watch the hollywood stars and then eat. And like Hard Rock Cafe, they also have great wall decorations. Theirs consist of mostly movie props. They had a real size of figure of Terminator in London but I didn't see that here. Nevertheless, they have made Planet Hollywood a fun place to dine.

Another thing, I don't normally make it a habit to say anything about the restrooms of my reviewed sites but I'm going to say something about this one. Just like high classed restaurants in the States, this is what I'd hope all Malaysiam restrooms should be like. Colorful with an assigned staff to hand you out paper towels in the toilets. Hmmm...its either thats their company policy or that waiter has done something really really really bad. I wonder what it takes for someone to be assigned 'the toilet job'. And that's not the best part. They have a collection of expensive perfumes that you can use to freshen up. Now I get it. The staff in the restroom is actually in disguise. His main job is not to hand out paper towels but to make sure that no one steals the expensive perfume, right? However, if you do use the perfume, leave some tip on the tray. Its just good etiquette. Now lets talk about the food. They serve a lot of american styled dishes ranging from appetizers, main course, desserts, and sandwiches. They even have sambal udang with rice and papadoms priced at RM28.00! Looked at the menu and decided on two main dishes. American Strip Steak at RM33.50 and their Fish and Chips at RM23.00.

Their strip steak comes with mashes potatoes and salad. Black pepper sauce costs an extra RM3.50. Guys, their portions are huge, just the way I like it. And the steak was grilled just right. The salad was fresh and crunchy. I was hoping that their mashed potatoes come with cheese sauce topping but it came plain. Nevertheless, I liked their steak. Their fish and chips were good. Came with two big pieces of fish fillets coated with some form of breadcrumbs and their fries portions were generous. This dish came with tartare sauce which was great with fish and chips. Between the two, I like the strip steak better but that’s because I am a meaty person. (The other great place for steaks is at Chili's.)

They have a whole bunch of drinks to choose from ranging from Ice Cappucino to smoothies of some kind. I decided to try their Ace Ventura Pet Detective (I'm not kidding) at RM10.00 which is a concoction of lime, guava and pineapple juice. You have to try this. Its great. It used cream soda as its base and mixed the other main portions just right. Makes you want to say "Allllrighttyyyythennnnnn!!!!”

One of the beautiful settings in Planet Hollywood with the big screen TV and stuff.

In summary, this is a great place to be with your friends. They have great service, great food and you can really sit back and enjoy a good dinner. The only thing is that for a great meal the average price will be somewhere in the region of about RM45 per person. The other thing is finding parking takes some art especially in getting free parking. At night, there might just be some free parking just behind StarHill that you can try; but its illegal so you park at your own risk of course. If not cannot find parking here, you have to park at the paid parking areas which charges you around RM2.00 per hour at some places. I did mention that they have cute plate mats here. Okay, have you ever wondered what the hollywood stars looked like in their high school yearbooks? Well, they have about thirty of them here all nicely printed on their paper plate mats. Some of them are Kim Basinger, Steven Seagal, Jack Nicolson and Brat Pitt.


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