Monday, July 25, 2005


Ampang Yong Tau Foo
Area AMpang Point
( Sorry cant really remember the address, but it's near at Coffee Bean)

Hello once again. I've always wanted to write about this "jewel" of Ampang, but never had the time to pen it down. Another reason is because, there are three restaurants serving these delicious Yong Tau Foo's and there was one more that the I had not tried, until a couple of weeks back! Getting there is easy - just drive down to Ampang Point. Problems to find parking during lunch hour on normal days. It's free parking during weekends.

OK, now to the food. By the way, who hasn't tried Yong Tau Foo? YTFs are actually fish paste stuffed into items like smooth taufoo, ladies fingers, fried taufoo, chillies or sliced brinjals. You can also find them wrapped in thin soya skin (dumpling) which are then served in a soup or fried. The secret of the Ampang YTF is in the smooth white taufoo and the use good ikan parang (for the fish paste). The taufoo is simply so.. so...soooooo... smooth. It's an undescribable feeling when the taufoo gets in your mouth. I have tasted taufoo many times before, but believe me, your "trained" mouth can tell that this one is a smooth above the rest. Also, the fish paste is just nice, ie. it's smooth, 'bouncy' and not too salty. Above all, there's very little oil used ( except for the fried items) and therefore a reasonably healthy diet. That's why I end up at Ampang almost every weekend!
The restaurant also serves 'deep fried chicken in wrapped paper' which is quite good and goes well with the Yong Tau Foos. The good thing about this recipe is that the chicken which is wrapped inside tracing paper, therefore they remain tender and smooth. You may also try their assam fish or fish head curry which is not too bad, but there are better places for this, though....The Yong Tau Foos costs 50 cents a piece. Normally, 20 pieces of the assortment is about just nice, without ordering any rice. Don't bother ordering any rice, just smooth yourself through this excellent delight....


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