Friday, August 26, 2005

Where to Eat : Restoren Yik Mun (CHinese Halal)

Yik Mun Pau

Yik Mun Pau
Jln Slim Lama, Tanjung Malim
Tanjung Malim
Tel : 05-4596380

Those white buns....those taut yet soft, tender on the inside but firm on the outside buns... it goes by many names but we call them Tanjung Malim Pau. When you think of pau, most people automatically think of Tanjung Malim. The white soft buns with meat or kaya fillings are sinfully delicious and we've travelled hundreds of kilometers to report to you from Jalan Slim Lama, Tanjung Malim... in front of Yik Mun Pau.

Yik Mun is one of the more famous Tanjung Malim pau makers. Everytime approach the Ulu Bernam/Tanjung Malim exit, the tummy takes control of the wheel and twenty minutes later, I'm at Yik Mun's staring at their pau steamers. Yik Mun serves typical fillings.. you get barbecue chicken, chicken curry, beef, kaya and red beans. At RM1.20 for meat fillings and RM0.70 for others, it's a steal! Their distinctive soft dough makes every bite an experience in itself unlike the pasar malam versions where the dough is almost donutlike. Most people take the outer skin off before eating the pau but for our crew, apparently the skin took too long to peel out for our tummies. It's personal preferences... I think

The fillings were well made. BBQ chicken slightly sweet just the way I like it.... and the kaya filling tasted almost homemade. If you are taking a long journey north, this is a welcomed rest stop. Have some coffee or tea with some Yik Mun pau's. About four or five should suffice to fill in a person's appetite... and a further five more to 'tah pau' back home just in case we get hungry on our way back to the toll plaza....


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