Friday, January 13, 2006

Resipi...Pindang Udang Sayur Keladi

600 gm prawns (peeled)
800 gm keladi sayur (yam stems)
30 gm serai (crushed)
2 red chillies (cut in half)
15 gm turmeric leaves
40 gm tomatoes
20 gm tamarind slice
8 gm salt
1 litre water

Grind together:
120 gm red chillies
30 gm fresh turmeric
30 gm peeled garlic
80 gm shallots

Clean and wash yam stems thoroughly. Boil water and add ground ingredients, turmeric leaves, tamarind slices, crushed serai and yam stems.

Add tomatoes, halved chillies, prawns and season with salt.

Simmer until cooked and serve hot.


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