Saturday, July 30, 2005

Restaurant Review : THE COLLISEUM

The Colliseum
Like Castell's you wont see this eating establishment featured in the restaurant guides, though it does feature regularly in Newsweek's "Best bars in Asia" features. A Kuala Lumpur institution, in a grotty old building in one of the less prestigious parts of town, the waiters still prance around in white starched collars and bow ties. "Those who know" say that the chef who made this place famous over many many years has now retired or carked-it but it seems in a very un-Chinese way, he has passed his skills onto his protegees and not kept the secrets to himself. What makes this place is the array of Sizzling Steak dinners, replete with large white starched bibs and thick slabs of bread with butter wrapped up in those gold foil packets. Four sizzling steaks coming towards you is a sight to behold. The gravy is poured over your steak on the sizzling plates resembling a cow (hopefully not a mad one), and the steam billows to the ceiling. Stuff grace and dinner conversation... Tuck in.. 'Nuff said.


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