Friday, August 26, 2005

Where to Eat : Coliseum Cafe & Hotel

Coliseum Cafe & Hotel

Coliseum Cafe & Hotel
98-100, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : 0326926270


Coliseum reminds you of a nostalgic feeling where your imagination flies back to the roaring thirties and forties. Second emotion you get at Coliseum is the warmth. It's a happy feeling going into this place. I was at Coliseum for lunch and it was bustling with activity. They have around sixteen tables, air conditioners and fans everywhere and the best bit… balloons! They've some balloons all over the ceiling that gives it a 'carnivally' atmosphere and at the same time adding color to this rustic setting. Established since 1921, they're open daily from 8.00am to 10.00pm. Everybody's raving about the steaks at Coliseum but today, let's 'grub on' something else for a change. Some of their poultry, sausages and fish dishes are equally as good. But don't worry, the steak version will be out shortly too…

For appetizer I went for the Four Seasons consisting of Prawn and Chicken Mayonaisse Cocktail, Chicken Sausages, French Fries, Vegetarian Spring Rolls and Crabsticks with Sotong Balls. If you're really hungry the Four Seasons is definitely the right choice of starters. There were more than four seasons on the plate, and it's not the normal four seasons you get at Chinese weddings, Not bad though. I liked the variety, all the constituents of the Four Seasons were freshly made.

For the main course, I tried the Spring chicken and also the Pineapple Grilled fish with Almond butter sauce served with Pineapple compote Green Peas and French Fries. Well I absolutely love the Almond Butter sauce on the grilled fish. I know that's sounds very English, but I'm really impressed with the way the almond flavor blended into the sauce, brilliant stuff! I felt the sauce was the highlight of this main dish. The fillet was grilled not too oily at all and is quite tender, but I could do with more almond sauce actually.

The Spring chicken was quite a tad bit oily though. Tasted quite close to herbal chicken but the meat was still tender but not really too soft until the meat peels off. It seems like the chicken was grilled first then braised. The other dish I'd recommend is the Baked Crabmeat served in a shell. Its been a while since I tried it, but the last time I tried, it was good…..

The uniform of the waiters makes Coliseum look like you're in a coffee shop out of a Hong Kong movie. Anyway, Coliseum is situated near Little India where there are plentiful of sarees and stuff catering for the Moslem and Indian community. You should come to Little India on a Saturday as they have a mini market as well and during the night some areas of Little India are covered with shops that sells plastic flowers.

Surprisingly, the waiters here are very friendly and accommodating. Captain Hang seems to be tirelessly serving customers and enjoys his job. If you're close to seventy and you're still doing this you have to be getting a kick out of this, right. There are quite a lot of new recruits in this place and under the tutelage of the senior staff I have a feeling they will do just fine in this industry. I have seen older people give worse service than these twenty year olds. On top of the restaurant is the hotel accommodating about ten rooms. Anyhow I hope Coliseum will still be around in my children's time. It's a great place for some R & R with the family. If you're around Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman, do drop by Coliseum. The almond butter sauce is to die for…. It goes great with the fish…..


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